Könige Schottlands




The Synod of Whitby (664)

The Treaty of Falaise (1174)

Quitclaim of Canterbury (1189)

The Treaty of York (1237)

The Treaty of Perth (1266)

Homage of Alexander III. to Edward I. (1278)

Acknowledgment of The Maid of Norway as Heir of Al

The Declaration of Arbroath (1320) - Latein

The Declaration of Arbroath (1320) - Englisch

The Treaty of Edinburgh - Northampton (1328)

The Treaty of Berwick (1357)

The Settlement of Succession (1373)

Treaties of Greenwich (1543)

Treaty of Edinburgh (1560)

Bill of Rights (1689)

Letter from the Scottish Convention to the Prince

The Act of Settlement (1701)

Antecendants of the treaty of Union (1703-1705)

The Act of Union (1707)

The Scottish Convention (1950)






Mehrere, vom schottischen Parlament erlassene Gesetze, die Drohungen beinhalten, dass Schottland eine eigene Außenpolitik verfolge und nach dem Tod von Königin Anne einen anderen Thronfolger als England benennen werde.

The Act anent peace and war (1703)
Our Sovereign Lady, with advice and consent of the Estates of Parliament, statutes, enacts, and declares, That after her Majesty´s decease, and failyieing heirs of her body, no person being King or Queen of Scotland and England, shall have the sole power of making War with any Prince, Potentate or State whatsoever without consent of Parliament; and that no Declaration of war without consent foresaid, shall be binding on the subjects of this Kingdom, Declaring alwayes, that this shall no ways be understood to impede the Soveraignof this Kingdom to call furth, command, and imploy the subjects thereof to suppress any insurrection within the Kingdom, or repell any invasion from abroad, according to former Laws; and also Declaring, that everything which relates to Treaties of Peace, Alliance and Commerce, is left to the wisdom of the Sovereign, with consent of the Estates of Parliament who shall declare the War: And her Majesty with consent foresaid, repells, casses, and annulls all former Acts of Parliament, in so far as they are contrair hereunto or inconsistent herewith.

The Wine Act (1703)
Our Sovereign Lady with advice and consent of the Estates of Parliament Statutes and Declares that it shall be lawful from and after the date hereof to import into this Kingdom all sorts of Wines and Forreign Liquors. any former Act or Statute in the contrary notwithstanding, which her Majestie with advice and consent foresaid Rescinds and Declares void and null in so far as they are inconsistent with or contrare to this present Act. The said Wines or other liquors which shall be imported paying allwayes the former customes, excise and other duties, reserveing to the Peers and Barons of the Kingdom the same immunities and freedoms from customes for wines which they had by the two hundreth fifty first Act fifteenth Parliament King James the Sixth.

The Act Of Security (1704)
Our Sovereign Lady, the Queens Majesty, with advice and consent of the Estates of Parliaments, doth hereby statute and ordain, That in the event of her Majesties death, or of the death of any of her Majesties heirs or successors, Kings or Queens of this Realm, this present Parliament or any other Parliament that shall be then in being, shall not be dissolved by the said death....And if the said Parliament be under adjournment the time of the said death, it shall notwithstanding meet precisely at Edinburgh the twentieth day after the said death, excluding the day thereof, whether the day of the said adjournment be sooner or later. And it is further statute and ordained, that in case there shall be no Parliament in being at the time of the death foresaid, then the estates or members of the last preceding Parliament, without regards to any Parliament that may be indicted but never met nor constituted, shall meet at Edinburgh on the twentieth day after the said death, the day thereof excluded....And the said estates of Parliament, appointed in case of the death foresaid, to continue or meet as above, are hereby authorised and empowered to act and administrate the government in manner after-mentioned; that is, that upon the death of her Majesty, leaving heirs of her own body, or failing thereof lawful successors designed or appointed by her Majesty and the Estates of Parliament, or upon the death of any succeeding King or Queen, leaving lawful heirs and successors, as said is, the said estates of Parliaments are authorised and empowered, after having read to the said heir or successor the Claim of Right, and desired them to accept the government in the terms thereof, to require of, and administrate to the said heir or lawful successors, by themselves, or such as they shall commission at, the Coronation Oath, and that with all convenient speed, order to their exercising the regal power, conform to the Declaration of the Estates containing the Claim of Right.... And further, upon the said death of her Majesty, without heirs of her body, or a successor lawfully designed and appointed as above, or in the case of any other King or Queen thereafter succeeding and deceasing without lawful heir and successor, the foresaid estates of Parliament convened or meeting are hereby authorised and impowered to nominate and declare the successor to the Imperial Crown of this Realm, and to settle to the succession thereof upon the heirs of the said successor body, the successors, and the heirs of the successors body, being always of the Royal Line of Scotland and of the true Protestant Religion. Providing always, That the same be not successor to the Crown of England, unless that in this present session of Parliament, or any other session of this or any ensuing Parliament during her Majesties reign there be such conditions of government settled and enacted, as may secure the honour and soveraignty of this Crown and Kingdom, the freedom, frequency and power of Parliaments, the religion, liberty and trade from the nation of English, or any foreign, influence, with power to the said meeting of Estates to add such further conditions of government as they shall think necessary, the same being consistent with, and no ways derogatory from those which shall be enacted in this and any other session of Parliament during her Majesties reign....It is further enacted that that the whole protestant heretors and all the burghs within the same kingdom shall forthwith provide themselves with fire arms for all the fencible men who are Protestants within their respective bounds...and the said heretors are hereby impowered and ordained to discipline and exercise their fencible men once in the moneth at least....

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