Könige Schottlands




The Synod of Whitby (664)

The Treaty of Falaise (1174)

Quitclaim of Canterbury (1189)

The Treaty of York (1237)

The Treaty of Perth (1266)

Homage of Alexander III. to Edward I. (1278)

Acknowledgment of The Maid of Norway as Heir of Al

The Declaration of Arbroath (1320) - Latein

The Declaration of Arbroath (1320) - Englisch

The Treaty of Edinburgh - Northampton (1328)

The Treaty of Berwick (1357)

The Settlement of Succession (1373)

Treaties of Greenwich (1543)

Treaty of Edinburgh (1560)

Bill of Rights (1689)

Letter from the Scottish Convention to the Prince

The Act of Settlement (1701)

Antecendants of the treaty of Union (1703-1705)

The Act of Union (1707)

The Scottish Convention (1950)






Eine Erklärung König Alexanders, um die schottische Thronfolge bei seinem Tode zu regeln.

To all faithful of Christ to whom the present writ shall come, Alexander Comyn, Earl of Buchan, constable and justiciar of Scotland, Patrick Earl of Dunbar, Malise Earl of Strathearn, Malcolm Earl of Lennox, Robert de Brus, Earl of Carrick, Donald Earl of Mar, Gilbert Earl of Angus, Walter Earl of Menteith, William Earl of Ross, William Earl of Sutherland, Magnus Earl of Orkney, Duncan Earl of Fife, John Earl of Atholl, Robert de Brus, senior, James, Steward of Scotland, John de Balliol, John Comyn, William de Soulis, then justiciar of Lothian, Ingeram de Gynis, William de Moray, son of Walter de Moray, knights, Alexander de Baliol, Reginald le Chene, senior, William de St Clair, Richard Syward, William de Brechin, Nicholas de Hay, Henry de Graham, Ingeram de Balliol, Alan son of the Earl, Reginald le Chene, younger, J. [...] de Lindsay, Patrick de Graham, [...tus] de Maxwell, Simon Fraser, Alexander de Argyll, Angus son of Donald and Alan son of Roderick, barons of the realm of Scotland, greeting the Lord. Know ye that, since it has pleased the Most High that our lord Alexander, eldest son of [king] Alexander, has gone the way of all flesh with no lawful offspring surviving directly from the body of the said king, we bind ourselves and our heirs descended from his body directly who by right ought to be admitted to succeed to him in the faith and fealty by which we are bound to them we firmly and faithfully promise that if our said lord king happens to end his last day in this life leaving no lawful son or sons, daughter or daughters of his body or of the body of the said Alexander his son, we each and all of us will accept the illustrious girl Margaret, daughter of our said lord king's daughter Margaret, of good memory, late queen of Norway, and lawful offspring descended from her, as our lady and right heir of our said lord king of Scotland, of all other islands belonging to the said kingdom of Scotland, and also of Tynedale and Penrith* with all other rights and liberties which belong or ought to belong to the said lord king of Scotland...and against all men... we shall maintain, sustain and defend [her] with all our strength and power.

* These lands constituted the 200 librates concede by England in 1237.

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