Könige Schottlands




The Synod of Whitby (664)

The Treaty of Falaise (1174)

Quitclaim of Canterbury (1189)

The Treaty of York (1237)

The Treaty of Perth (1266)

Homage of Alexander III. to Edward I. (1278)

Acknowledgment of The Maid of Norway as Heir of Al

The Declaration of Arbroath (1320) - Latein

The Declaration of Arbroath (1320) - Englisch

The Treaty of Edinburgh - Northampton (1328)

The Treaty of Berwick (1357)

The Settlement of Succession (1373)

Treaties of Greenwich (1543)

Treaty of Edinburgh (1560)

Bill of Rights (1689)

Letter from the Scottish Convention to the Prince

The Act of Settlement (1701)

Antecendants of the treaty of Union (1703-1705)

The Act of Union (1707)

The Scottish Convention (1950)






Die lang diskutierte Frage, wie der Treueeid der schottischen Könige an England aussehen sollte, wurde am 28.10.1278 wieder aufgegriffen.

At Westminster, Alexander, king of Scotland, did homage to the Lord Edward, king of England, son of King Henry, in these words: "I become your man for the lands which I hold of you in the kingdom of England for which I owe homage to you, saving my kingdom." Then said the bishop of Norwich: "And saving to the king of England, if he has right to your homage for the kingdom." To whom at once and openly the king replied, saying: "To homage for my kingdom of Scotland, no one has right save God alone, nor do I hold it save of God alone." Then Robert de Brus, Earl of Carrick, did fealty for the said lord king of Scotland, swearing upon his soul in these words: "So may God and these holy things help me, my Lord, the king of Scotland, who is here, will be faithful to you in life and limbs and earthly honour, and will conceal your counsels". And then the king of Scotland added, according to the form of homage which he did above, `for the lands which I hold of you in the kingdom of England.´ And the king of Scotland granted that, saving his kingdom, he would render to the king of England the services used and wont from those lands for which he had done homage to him.

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